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Audit SEO

Why is a Aassou seo audit
worth it?

In all fields, before carrying out any work on a product, a diagnosis must be made. This diagnosis will help the professional to find the defects of your product to correct them effectively.

For SEO, the same method is also used. By checking specific points via the SEO audit, it is possible to find the technical flaws that penalize your position on search engines.

The various steps of
Aassou seo audit

Technical seo audit

The technical SEO audit is the most important step to improve the visibility of a website. This SEO diagnosis analyzes the different technical problems that penalize and block the natural referencing of your website, whether you have a corporate site or an E-Commerce site. This technical SEO audit will define the actions to be taken to optimize the architecture of your website as well as its various contents in order to be better referenced and positioned on Google.

Off-site seo audit

The off-site SEO audit involves analyzing your site’s online reputation, the links that other sites make to yours, your local SEO, your Google My Business and other rating site reviews. Anything that can damage or contribute to your good reputation has a direct or indirect impact on your SEO.

SEO content audit

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” but it mainly involves optimizing content for search engines. The art of SEO is about creating quality content that search engines will easily understand and then disseminate to their users. The SEO content audit therefore analyzes how your pages are organized, how they communicate with each other, the keywords you use, the quality and quantity of content on each page and the purpose of the written content.