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Web design agency – website design & creation

100% custom website design
and creation services.

More than 100 websites created to date

Aassou has designed many websites (showcase sites and online stores). In our quest to design innovative and effective websites, we have developed a web design process to quickly create a website that reflects your brand while offering the best possible experience to your visitors and customers.

Custom website creation

Whether you are a little or big company, we can customize our services and offer you the right solution. Transparency is one of our values, so we will explain how we determine our prices and how we can create a website that reflects your brand.

SEO optimized web design

One of the reasons our clients entrust us with their website design is that we are also an SEO agency. We therefore make sure that your site meets Google’s standards (loading time, security, coding, user experience, etc.) so that you can maintain or increase your traffic from search engines.

Our web design

New website creation

Whether you have already created a website before or this is your first time embarking on the adventure of web design, our agency will take the time to explain each step of your website creation so that you have control over the project. Our web design and user experience experts will guide you through the process and provide you with the high quality of service that Aassou is known for.

Showcase website creation

Do you want to create a website that promotes your services? This involves designing a “showcase” site that will highlight your company, its history, its vision, the different services you have to offer and how you stand out from your competitors. While it provides information, the true purpose of the website is to generate qualified leads. We will make sure that your site conveys the right message to the right audience and that your visitors understand exactly what you expect them to do once they visit your site. Our goal is to transform your site into a real sales engine!

Redesign of an existing website

Is your current site getting old or no longer meeting your expectations? We will analyze your site’s strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your competitors to develop a guideline that will help your website stand out from the crowd. You can rest assured we are accustomed to reworking projects and ensuring that nothing is lost (content, images, Google positioning, etc.). Whether you want to keep elements of your website or start from scratch, our team of website redesign experts will help you make the right decisions.

Online store design

Do you want to start an online business by creating your own shop? Aassou is your specialist for the creation of online stores.
As with all our website design projects, we provide you with a team of experts composed of programmers, integration specialists and graphic designers, as well as Google SEO experts and user experience specialists . Aassou has a ZERO subcontracting policy, which means that you can communicate with every expert involved in your website’s creation and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.