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E-commerce website design

Why design your online store with Aassou?


We want our customers to be autonomous when designing their online shop so they don't have to worry about contacting us whenever they want to make changes to their e-commerce website. That's why we provide you with training before delivering your online store.

100% personalized stores

At Aassou, there are no limits to the design and functionality of your online store. Our teams of developers and graphic designers will build layouts and solutions based on your expressed needs. We will also provide you with a user experience and web analytics specialist who makes sure that the online store achieves your goals.

A full range of services

Besides being experts in e-commerce website design, we also specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online advertising. This means that you don't need to coordinate multiple vendors if you want an all-in-one solution. Moreover, your online store will be designed with your future traffic growth needs in mind and we ensure that your store is optimized from the moment it launches.

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    How we design our
    e-commerce websites?

    Brand-tailored online stores

    We create your online shop in a 100% personalized fashion to perfectly reflect the brand image you want your customers to see. Our e-commerce developers and web designers will create your shop based on your tastes and expectations. Your e-commerce website should mirror your brand.

    Google-friendly e-commerce shops

    Our User Experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists will also support you throughout the process of creating your e-commerce store so that all the standards recommended by Google are respected. After all, it is important to consider SEO and how you want your online store visitors to behave once they land on your website. We also implement all the tracking codes you need to collect and analyze your customer data in real time.